Pointless Podcast Obsessions
Ask the Podcast Coach · 61 minutes ·

Pointless Podcast Obsessions

Dave Jackson and Jim Collison gather for a post-Thanksgiving Food Coma induced episode of Ask the Podcast Coach

Cracker Barrel to Go Was Delicious

3:48 Should I take time off for the holidays and skip some episodes

7:25 What email address should I use, my name or something generic like "Feedback?"

11:15 Facebook groups rarely give you a usable answer ( and can't take a yes or no answer)

15:13 Does speeding up playback make them sound like Chipmunks

16:10 Bedtime Fan App

17:35 Podcast Numbers - Nobody Cares

23:05 Custom Tracking Codes at Libsyn

26:50 Podcharts? Are you using? Stats Obsession

28:30 Feedback vs Downloads

33:04 Our Awesome Supporters

35:00 Things you planned on doing, that you didn't get to...

37:28 Automating a newsletter (works with most providers like Aweber, Mailchimp and Convertkit

38:22 Cleaning Your Studio can boost creativity

42:35 Simplify your process to make it easier on yourself, and think about outsourcing

46:00 Throw out things you don't need - the clutter adds stress

47:00 What is podcasting clutter - Make a folder structure

48:50 Alexa fail on remembering stuff.

50:18 As podcasting takes "so much time" the more organized you are the less time it takes

52:30 The Importance of backing up your computer. Dave uses Backblaze to back up his PC

53:30 Black Friday Deals?

57:25 Dave decided to just upgrade iJingle for playing clips and such.

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