The Big Blab Announcement
Ask the Podcast Coach · 63 minutes ·

The Big Blab Announcement

Blab says they are not doubling down on braodcast tools - whatever that means
8:30 the name podcasting

09:10 Podast Awards Slate Anounced -still needed funding

18:38 Making an Mp3 file in iTunes and File formats

21:50 Upgrade to Windows 10

24:14 Recording interviews on a phone Ringr

26:24 Have a backup when using Zencastr. Bandwidth is king, and people are leaving before the file is uploaded.

30:19 PRX launches new company for podcasts apps. But not enough info

31:26 I've used it as a guest on someone else's show. It seemed like

33:26 Would you pay for Blab?

35:06 How do you get on (You need to be a celebrity) check out (go record the pledge of Aligience for Rob)

38:36 What Adobe software do you use?  (audition)

42:08 Do we make things harder than it needs to be with all the bells and whistles? (YES) Hardware in Plan English

45:30 It's not wasted money if you learned from your mistakes

47:36 We're not all tech geeks

49:30 Emily from Displays her cool Recording Light

51:28 Miss Ileane on Blab's weird announcement . They are coming to the after shows (but if there are no shows, there will be no after shows?).  Any bugs are not going to be fixed any time soon.  Maybe they were never able to achieve the stability?

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