Episode 4 - The Phoenix
Mask My Soul · 28 minutes ·

Episode 4 - The Phoenix

As Veronica was waiting for her hearing and subsequent trial, many thoughts unfolded throughout her head. She had quite a significant amount of time to evaluate her life. The first thoughts were her happiest moments with Jake, the man she loved and had unmasked her life to. She also thought about her life before him and how she had met The Master. Veronica’s parents owned a company that was doing well until their demise, deeming her chances of going to Art school. One day while sitting on the train Veronica’s life would change forever. The train is nearly empty except for three men who end up raping and physically abusing her, leaving her to die in an alley. In her state, she’s unaware of the shadow of a man looming  towards her. It is the Master, who gives her safe haven until she gets back on her feet. The Master gives Veronica a promise of helping her take vengeance on the men who raped her, but only if she pledges loyalty to him. 

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