Episode 6 - Live or Let Die?
Mask My Soul · 30 minutes ·

Episode 6 - Live or Let Die?

Veronica had finally found a new purpose, giving her entire being into The Master’s will. She completed all of The Master’s assignments successfully and as the big heist approaches, The Master brings in a new 17- year old girl, badly wounded and bleeding profusely by the same men who had raped Veronica. The Master gives Veronica the order and green light to take revenge and kill the rapists. She then finds Tony, Greg, and Kyle in their hideout and  Veronica gives them a battle they had never seen, leaving them in very critical condition but something inside Veronica wouldn’t let her murder. The Master is clearly upset that Veronica couldn't carry out the full assignment and so he confronts her about her shortcomings in front of the other students. Veronica is humiliated by The Master as a punishment and lesson and this was the beginning of her falling out with The Master.

As days pass, the big heist is conducted successfully, and Veronica secures a large sum of money. She decides to rent a studio apartment and begin a brand new life that is not directly reliant on The Master. That single decision was the start of her fallout with The Master.

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