Episode 320: Episode 320 - Peach Soup Andersons

Episode 320: Episode 320 - Peach Soup Andersons

The BNISD Team is back after a week off coming at you with some killer beers and killer beer conversation. Tune in as they sample a nice variety of styles available now for you to enjoy. While sampling great beers the crew discusses some news topics including 2 local spots expanding and the news surrounding the expansions, hear about a fun event all around baseball and beer and we discuss making a beer with hops from space. Also this week, don’t miss the most EPIC Does He Noah Bout It ever played, geared specifically to Noah and things he enjoys - and should know. All this plus much more including high school math, biggest fandoms, Noah’s LA trip, we talk about shandy’s, cutting beers that shouldn’t be cut, discussing anniversary beers and events, some early news on wet hops coming to town, hear Mike completely lose it, in a not good way, over a fruited smoothie “beer” and some rage ensues, guessing hops poorly and tons more. Tune in to laugh and learn with the BNISD Crew.

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