Evermore: The E(mergency)-Sides
The B-Sides · 75 minutes ·

Evermore: The E(mergency)-Sides

Wreck. Our. Plans.

Taylor surprised-dropped her 9th studio album this week, and 2nd of the year. Folklore's sister, Evermore has much in common with its folksy sibling, but stands out on its on in so many ways. 

In this E-Sides, we go through our reactions to Evermore by discussing:

  • Our overall reactions - 1:14
  • Specific songs, track-by-track - 21:20
  • A quick Evermore v. Folklore ranking - 1:10:30

And if you love easter eggs, we go through just enough to satisfy our curiosity, without falling down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole. Is Dorothea about Selena Gomez? What does the last song have to do with 1830? And the most important question we've ever asked on The B-Sides: has Taylor Swift ever sat on a bench in Coney Island?!

What did you think of Evermore and this episode? What had you yelling into your headphones because you disagreed with our take? We love to hear from you.  Leave us a voicemail! Click here to record a voicemail for us.

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