Your Emotional Safety Isn't His Job

Your Emotional Safety Isn't His Job

This year has been so much about creating and transformation for me, which included creating 20 clients and the belief man plan where I was committed to thinking, feeling, and behaving as Claire in her ideal relationship. In my belief plan, I thought about the qualities my ideal man would have, but I never thought about emotional safety. Looking back at past relationships where I didn’t have that safety, I know that it’s because I wasn’t creating the space for it. In this episode I share why it is important to have emotional safety, and how to get it back.

I recently created a video about calling in Mr. Right and how you can do it. To see the video, subscribe and then email me: [email protected]

Topics in this episode:

  • We are always triggered by the things we feel vulnerable about 
  • Projecting based on past experiences. To hear more on projecting versus gut feelings, please revert back to my episode with my former therapist, Ashley Graber:
  • Triggers still come up, even when we have emotional safety
  • Emotional availability
  • Owning your truth and your needs 
  • How to give yourself safety and security 
  • “I’m going to choose me”
  • Ask yourself: how do I take the best care of me? 

If this is a result you are craving, I highly recommend you reach out to me for my six-month one-on-one program and start healing these stories that are holding you back from creating the life of your dreams. 

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