Sergio - Living in 8 different countries and teaching English abroad
Moral of the Story · 84 minutes ·

Sergio - Living in 8 different countries and teaching English abroad

Ep. #6 —  They say there’s no place like home. Imagine not being able to step foot into the very place you call yours. This story is true in Sergio’s case. Perth was home, and that’s where his heart was. But even that won’t earn you permanent residency. 

Having lived in 8 countries and visited over 100 cities, all on a visa. Serg has more than just memories and cool stories, he has life experience.

Listen as Serg speaks about the realities of travel, culture and learning a new language.

00:02:06 - Moving at a young age 

00:12:45 - Leaving Aus

00:19:05 - Teaching English in Thailand

00:23:00 - Aus visa denied 

00:27:42 - Teaching English in Vietnam

00:41:55 - Vietnam to France

00:45:55 - France to Argentina 

00:53:00 - Battling with visas 

00:54:45 - Argentina to Guadeloupe 

01:03:54 - Language barriers

01:11:05 - Traveling alone

01:22:08 - Opportunities 

01:26:34 - Moral of the story

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