Episode 100 Celebrating 100th: Revealing the Top 5 Most downloaded Episodes
Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast · 25 minutes ·

Episode 100 Celebrating 100th: Revealing the Top 5 Most downloaded Episodes

What you will learn from this episode:
  • Behind the scenes of why I started the podcast and all of the ups and downs.
  • Reviewing the top favorites out of the last 100 episodes that you should listen to for your business growth.
  • Hear important lessons from starting and growing a podcast that relates to how you can execute your marketing for a profitable business.
  • What I think about failure and it’s different than you might have thought. 

It's a celebration! 

Yes, we've reached 100 episodes!

We are so ecstatic about this achievement. 

It's interesting to know that not many make it this far.

And we are so grateful to you, our dear listeners, for making this happen. 

We are joyful about this milestone!  We invite you to join April in this episode as she shares the lessons learned in her podcasting journey and how it relates to your business growth.  

Not only that, we've rounded up the most listened-to episodes that will give you tips, ideas, and insights to help you manage and scale your beauty business.

Topics Covered:

00:54 - Celebrating the 100th episode and reflecting over the journey to have come this far
02:59 - Taking it back to where the idea of starting a podcast began
04:19 - Thanking listeners and audience for making the podcast successful
05:18 - Sharing about the top episodes and the first one topping the list
08:10 - Takeaway from one of the top-rated episodes
12:25 - Lots of great tips from these two popular and recent episodes
14:13 - Mistakes I’ve made and the lesson learned 
17:15 - Maximizing the full potential of the platform and going all-in
19:23 - One lesson that you should Always watch out for
23:31 - April's biggest takeaway in reaching the 100th episode 
24:17 - More important lessons learned you can also think about 

Key Takeaways:

"When you first start something, you never think about how you're going to feel it, like the 100th episode. And the interesting thing about that is that a lot of people don't make it that far. If you look at success, and you look at one of the key indicators for winning in business, and in life is, keep going – persistence, perseverance, endurance, consistency, which is hard to do." - April Meese 

"Success is a terrible teacher because you don't really learn what you need to learn; you just keep going. When you have a down moment, you really reflect a bit more." - April Meese

"It's going to be hard in business because there's going to be so many times that you're going to fall, and you're going to be stronger from it. You almost have to be care-less; care less about what people think about, care less about it being perfect. Just get started, because that's the only way you can make it perfect." - April Meese

"Only after you get going is when the momentum really happens. And we have to commit to keep going. And knowing that, you know, the prize is on the other side." - April Meese

"Look at what you're doing and say, 'But how can I do it even better?' How am I just playing safe? How am I playing small? How can I play full out?" - April Meese

"I also want to say that one of my biggest takeaways with the podcast, in reaching 100 episodes, is that failure is part of the growth process. It's part of the process of getting better. Just like I say, your success is inevitable. Failure is also inevitable. If you are going to reach any next-level success there's going to be some failures along the way." - April Meese

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