Episode 115: The Lies of Video Marketing
Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast · 15 minutes ·

Episode 115: The Lies of Video Marketing

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Learn about misconceptions that keep beauty business owners' holding back on video marketing.
  • Find out how to build confidence when delivering a message to prospective clients and viewers.
  • Hear about a simple system to help your beauty business get seen more and convert your audience into paying clients.


The last two years have felt like a carnival circus roller coaster, where the scariness is more from the shady mechanics that you know would never pass any actual safety inspection than the ride itself.  

Despite the reduced organic reach and rising ad costs, video marketing is still going strong.

In fact, the Instagram feed is pretty much 80% video now.

And all other platforms such as Linked In, Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube, and Facebook use video.

But there are some misconceptions and some lies about video marketing.

If you are like most people, you've thought or told yourself at least one of these lies regarding video marketing in your beauty business.

In this episode, we will talk about the absolute truths that will set you free when it comes to using video in your beauty business. Then, let's boost your exposure online to get more clients!


Topics Covered:

01:58 – Reasons you may be holding back from doing video

02:29 – Lies with video marketing

03:17 – April's gaming story with her daughters

05:07 – Creating confidence

08:07 – Trendy videos vs. original content

11:52 – Benefits of video marketing

12:57 – Wins with Video Made Simple Workshop


Key Takeaways:

"Video is about being seen, and that does feel vulnerable. But it's being seen so that your audience can find you. The right people can find you, and connect with you. Showing up on video is a service for your client, so don't think that you are flexing or being showy." – April Meese


"Confidence doesn't come in a snap. Confidence is a muscle you build. When you have the tools, and when you have done all the work, you feel more confident. And that confidence is contagious. Other people are drawn to it." – April Meese


"The statistics show that videos that do the best, that are converting into real paying clients, are videos that are not trendy. They are actually videos that are talking about what the client's concerns are." – April Meese

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