Episode 92 Favorite PMU Tools Reveal
Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast · 31 minutes ·

Episode 92 Favorite PMU Tools Reveal

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover favorite PMU tools that are already proven and tested by top beauty professionals
  • Learn about the tips they share on how to use these convenient tools for better and faster results.
  • Find out about low-cost tools you can use that produce excellent work at a fraction of the price.

Do you ever wonder what other beauty professionals use as their go-to favorite PMU tools to get the best results?

Do you want to know the tricks and tips they have for saving time and money to be more efficient in their beauty business?

Are you looking for those secret hacks to make your services better?

Our beauty professionals April Meese, Karen Betts, Vicky Martin, Mary Ritcherson, Dawna Mainard, Charlotte Duke, and Shauna Magrath recommend their favorite PMU tools to help you deliver excellent results.

Topics Covered:

01:39 - The time-saving tool that April calls genius
04:43 - A favorite tool that helps draw natural and detailed brows
05:30 - Vicky's tool for securing her pigment pots in place
08:38 - A cost-effective tool for checking your measurements throughout the procedure.
11:21 - This money saving tool you should use
12:34 - A top pick tool that is a bit of an investment but worth every penny
14:06 - A multipurpose must-have item
14:33 - April's second go-to asset she uses for almost every procedure
15:30 - Mary's discovery that she puts everywhere for easy cleanup
18:08 - One tool Charlotte can't do without
19:09 - What you can do to set yourself up to a positive tone for the day
21:57 - Karen passes on an important lesson she learned the hard way
23:47 - The tool that Karen designed and uses for more creativity
25:05 - Tiny tools you can give as thank you gifts to clients after using it on them
25:44 - Shauna praises one of the best brow pencils that glide perfectly
26:44 - Vicky's tool that every areola artist should get
27:36 - The best way to stand out with surgeons

Key Takeaways:

"I love Karen Betts' eyebrow guides. When she first came out with these measurement guides, I was like, 'Genius; this is amazing! I had bought these other little sticks on strips that were like triple the price and nowhere near as good because they didn't form around the eyes." - April Meese

"I really do love these tiny little tweezers. And I love that you can give them to your client after you use them. It's just like a little gift." - April Meese

"I know some people like a heavy handpiece, I've had heavier machines, and I really liked the Bellar because there's very little vibration. And I like that and I like that it also is a very light handpiece." - April Meese

"Just love what I call brow definers which helps draw brows really natural fine detail strokes of brow hair." - Karen Betts

"I learned many, many years ago never to pluck your client's eyebrows before getting the 'okay' from the client. I'll always block them out first with a tool, a cream pencil." - Karen Betts

"I just use blue tack to keep my pigment pot in a secure place." - Vicky Martin

"I use double-sided tape. I can put them on my tray and then put all of my inkpots, and then they stick so they don't move around." - Dawna Maynard

"What I normally do is, I put a lump of Vaseline in the middle of the chest, and I mix in a little bit of anesthetic in with it as well so that I can just keep because I use the anesthetic to take the redness away from the areola and so that I can see the color." - Vicky Martin

"I have to say that Mary Ritcherson brow pencils are the best pencils that I've used because it's actually a reminder that I can't live without them." - Shauna Magrath

"I also really love working with my headlamp. That's something that I can't work without. And string; I love using string when I'm working to check my measurement." - Charlotte Duke

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