30 minutes of music and nature to help you fall asleep. Please rate and review this podcast.
This episode is relaxing sound of water flowing from a fountain with peaceful ambient music underneath.
Sleep Better is a 30 minute podcast of nature sounds/white noise with peaceful ambient music that slowly fades in while you slowly drift off to sleep. This podcast has been designed to lower your heart rate and make it easier to fall asleep, relax, or focus.
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New episodes are released every Monday to help you sleep your way to a restful  week. Use this podcast for relieving anxiety, falling asleep, sleep meditation, or just to take a few minutes throughout the day to ease your mind and relax. 
How to use this podcast:

  • Set the volume to whatever you think is best for falling asleep. Podcast will be at loudest volume within first 10 seconds.
  • Set your podcast sleep timer to "End of Episode"
  • Relax your mind and  leave the day behind you.

Music and nature sound was written and recorded by Matt Ridenour exclusively for Sleep Better.

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