Allow Yourself to Feel Good Easily
The Bed Head Chronicles · 4 minutes ·

Allow Yourself to Feel Good Easily

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Bed Head Chronicles.

Today, I want you to think about what are the rules that you set for yourself for things like being able to feel proud? Or being able to feel joy? What does it take for you -- or what do you have to accomplish in order to feel proud of yourself? Is it having to accomplish some long-held dream or goal that you've had? Or is it smiling at a stranger that makes you feel proud of yourself?

I want you to think about how easy, or how hard, you make it for yourself to feel certain good feelings that we all deserve to feel. Joy, for example. Do you allow yourself to feel joy by watching a butterfly fly by? Do you allow yourself to feel joy by finding a feather at your feet as you're out for a walk? Or does it take accomplishing a huge goal that you had? Or does it take having something magnificent happen to you or to someone that you love?

How easy or how hard do you make it feel these incredible feelings of joy, pride, happiness -- whatever it is -- these feelings that we all deserve to feel all the time.

I'm someone who just experienced such deep joy by having my horse see me on the other side of the pasture and walk towards me. Or being out on a run or walk and smiling and saying hello to someone I pass that might not seem happy. When they smile back at me, it brings me joy.

I feel proud when I think of something that is going to help me or help another. I feel proud when I'm able to turn a bad situation into a good situation. I feel proud when my dogs are well behaved when a neighbor comes over.

These are the things -- I make it really easy for myself to feel proud of myself. Or to feel happy and joyful. We all deserve to feel these amazing feelings -- and it's right there in front of us!

It's kind of like 'Grace'. Grace is something a lot of people think or wonder they will see or experience at some point. But all you have to do is look out the window. Grace is everywhere. Just the fact that we are here. We've got these beautiful beating hearts in our chest that keep us alive and allow us to live this beautiful gift of life. Grace is everywhere if you open your eyes to it.

Let's think about the rules that we have for ourselves and make it easier for ourselves to feel joy and pride in ourselves. To be able to acknowledge that we did a good job in something, even if that something is super small. Let's make it easier to enjoy and appreciate and truly happy, in good times or bad, because we have this incredible gift of life. Let's live it the way we dream of living it. It's totally up to you.

Thank you, everyone. Have an amazing day.

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