Universe Journey: Hello-Hello-Hello-Hello
It's All Been Done Radio Hour · 18 minutes ·

Universe Journey: Hello-Hello-Hello-Hello

It's All Been Done Radio Hour Commercial #199   

Universe Journey #45 "Hello-Hello-Hello-Hello" 


Adm. Jamieson, Lt. Com. M-, Lt. Com. Luna, and Janice Jamieson venture into the Echo Dimension.  


A comedy radio show originally performed Saturday, October 13, 2018 at MadLab theatre in Columbus, Ohio.  



Shane Stefanchik as Lt. Com. M- / Echo M-  

With Keith Jackson as Adm.  Jamie Jamieson 



Ryan Yohe as Janice Jamieson / Echo Adm. Janice Jamieson 

Ashley Collins as Lt. Com. Bobbi Luna 

Dallas Ray as Echo Buzz  

Kristin Green as Sochi (Guard #1) 

Joe Morales as Tharn (Guard #2) 

Karen Perta as Wilson (Guard #3) 

Samantha Stark and Nick Arganbright as extras  


Narrated by Chris Allen 

Foley Artist Seamus Talty, with assistance from Kristin Green.  


Podcast edited by Chris Allen 

Written by Jerome Wetzel 

Directed by Nick Arganbright  

Music Director Kristin Green 

Theme Songs by Nathan Haley and Jerome Wetzel  

Technical Director Shane Stefanchik 

Story Consultant Nick Arganbright 

Script Editor Keith Jackson  


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