This podcast has been inspired by a research project conducted on behalf of Fulfilling Lives Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham. Fulfilling Lives in a nationwide project funded by the national lottery community fund that aims to support people with multiple disadvantage. It tests new ways of ensuring individuals receive joined up and person-led services which work for them. Multiple disadvantage in this case refers to people who experience challenges with mental-ill health, substance use, homelessness or contact with the criminal justice system.

In the podcast you will hear from the expert by experience group who have guided this research and who talk about their own experience of multiple disadvantage, you will also hear quotes from participants in the research which are read out by the experts by experience and questions from the general public. This is the first of two podcasts – the second podcast is out on the 7thJuly and called ‘Listen to Me’.

**Just as a warning there may be content in the podcast that some listeners may find upsetting.

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