Ep. 9 The Most Important Thing to Implement and Help Vegan Kids Try Vegetables
Vegan Kids Nutrition · 11 minutes ·

Ep. 9 The Most Important Thing to Implement and Help Vegan Kids Try Vegetables

Have you ever served a meal to your vegan toddler or child only to feel frustrated that they didn’t touch certain vegetables? Meal planning for your vegan kids can often feel overwhelming when they choose not to touch, try, or eat certain plant foods—like vegetables. 

You try different strategies like getting them fun utensils or cutting foods in fun shapes but they still don’t seem interested. And this causes more anxiety on not knowing how to actually “get” your vegan child to try them. Naturally when this happens, we begin to label them as picky eater. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing with you what you can do at home to help your vegan kids try new, plant foods. This strategy is not for kids who have extreme picky eating (less than 5 foods) or other eating disorders (like anxiety of ARFID) but more for vegan kids who feel hesitant to try certain vegetables or plant foods. 

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

>> My personal story of toilet training my daughter (and how this mirrors how we approach our selective eaters)
>> How our own attitude affects our vegan children’s eating habits
>> Why children desire to do things on their own
>> The message we send when we intervene with their food choices
>> How allowing our vegan kids to lead at the dining table helps them try vegetables
>> One simple phrase you can say to help your vegan kids feel trusted with their food choices

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