Aligning Your Members to Your Vision with Steve Pavlina
Behind The Membership with Callie Willows · 62 minutes ·

Aligning Your Members to Your Vision with Steve Pavlina

Today's guest on Behind The Membership is Steve Pavlina, a prolific name in the personal growth space and owner of the Conscious Growth Club. 
Steve actually has a bit of a different membership model to most you'll hear on this podcast, offering a 12-month membership at a price point of $1997. He also only launches the membership once a year, so his membership is small and intimate by design.
Steve shares some great insights into why he picked this model and why it's worked well for his audience and the kind of results he helps his members to achieve. 
Steve has really fine-tuned who his membership is for and isn't afraid to remove those that aren't a good fit, realising that alignment and attracting the right members is absolutely key for the kind of community that he is creating.
Listen in to hear how going to Disneyland every day for 30 days was what inspired Steve to first start his membership, how 30-day challenges work for his membership community, and how his low-key five-day launches brings him six figures, allowing him to focus on his members for the other 360 days of the year. Plus, of course, much more!

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