More Time, More Freedom, More Income with Warren McPherson
Behind The Membership with Callie Willows · 58 minutes ·

More Time, More Freedom, More Income with Warren McPherson

Warren McPherson from (Piano Lesson with Warren) joins Callie for episode 1 of Behind the Membership Season 4.
Warren’s membership focuses entirely on teaching people how to play gospel piano, and he transitioned to a membership model after first selling low-cost courses. As you’ll hear though, the initial transition wasn’t smooth, with Warren quickly realising a successful membership isn’t just about putting everything behind a paywall.
In this episode you’ll hear how Warren made that course to membership transition and how he is working to combat the challenge of retention, including how making one particular change cut his churn rate by an impressive 8%.
We're also talking about why he wishes he'd grown his team earlier and how he has played the long game when it comes to audience growth, allowing him to now attract 50-100 new members a month just through content marketing.
And even though Warren’s membership is still just a couple of years old it has allowed him to work less and his wife to leave her job so that they can both spend more time with their young son. They’re even moving to a new state, something that didn't seem like a simple idea for them before the membership.
Hit play above to hear about all this and more!

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