Nicole Is Kinda On Board With You Can Milk A Chicken (Re-Release)

Nicole Is Kinda On Board With You Can Milk A Chicken (Re-Release)

Nicole and Sasheer both have a bone to pick with Urban Outfitters. They also discuss how Nicole is a zoo woman, Sasheer’s potential fire pit, how banning Trump from Twitter is NOT the same as bakeries saying no to gay people, metaphors and analogies, Kamala’s wrong photo, Beyonce’s day and a gentle friendship request, manifesting, update on Nicole’s dog, growing up on bologna, Nicole’s glory hole, the search for a Dutchman and mystery coloring book, skin care, and false negative covid tests. Then they answer your questions! This week they give advice on being friends with exes and giving room for people to grow, letting your friends know when you can’t handle a conversation, and how to know you’re going to be best friends.  


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at: [email protected]

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