Interviews With The Cast Of "Mass" & Director/Writer, Fran Kranz
Next Best Picture Podcast · 78 minutes ·

Interviews With The Cast Of "Mass" & Director/Writer, Fran Kranz

Fran Kranz's extraordinary directorial debut, "Mass," contains four of the most incredible performances you're likely to see this year, maybe even ever. The Next Best Picture team was fortunate and honored to talk with all of them about this very special film, including Fran Kranz himself. First up, we have my interview with Ann Dowd, followed by Will Mavity's interview with Reed Birney, then we have my interview with Jason Isaacs, followed by Daniel Howat's interview with Martha Plimpton, and then finally, we end it all with my interview with the director and writer, Fran Kranz. If you have not seen the film yet, we recommend you do so before listening as we discuss heavy spoilers. You can check out the latest release schedule from Bleecker Street here. Enjoy!
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