Are you an HR Superstar?
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Are you an HR Superstar?

Best-Self Management has ended, but don't worry because your friends at 15Five have launched a whole new podcast!

HR Superstars honors you, the brave 21st century HR leader, by highlighting stories from the frontlines of People Ops.

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On HR Superstars delve deeply into all of the many aspects of what it takes to help companies win by becoming a strategic business partner to the rest of the leadership team. Each episode showcases conversations with HR leaders from some of the world’s largest, successful, and innovative organizations.

Listen to topics like empowering managers to adopt a growth mindset and practice strengths-based leadership, how to have difficult conversations that balance the business performance needs with a high degree of care for people, and how to actually make diversity, equity, and inclusion a part of your cultural DNA instead of just lip service and a PR play.

When your culture gets toxic, management is failing, and performance suffers, it falls to you in HR to address these issues. We’re here to help you to do what matters most—develop your workforce, create a strong employer brand, and become the respected strategic business partner you already are. 

You can find us, wherever you listen to podcasts. Let’s do this superstar!

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