Influencing Extraordinary Performance via Competencies and Role Clarity w/ Heidi Collins & Jennie Yang
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Influencing Extraordinary Performance via Competencies and Role Clarity w/ Heidi Collins & Jennie Yang

Having ideals in your organization is one thing. However, putting these complex systems into practice is something else entirely. A modern dynamic business should constantly be pushing the limits about how it creates and executes systems and structures that elicit high-performance and high-engagement.


In this episode:

  • FInding motivation to build and support a company that provides amazing experiences for its people 
  • The four most important ingredients of performance management
  • Why it’s worth investing in performance management 
  • Creating a place for love and joy at work 
  • Creating behaviors that align with your organization’s values
  • Where responsibility lies for performance 
  • How 15five developed its own people and performance management systems 
  • The steps to implementing systems of high performance 
  • Products and tactics that any organization can use to build essential competencies 
  • How managers help their people align competencies with values
  • The key elements of effectively using performance metrics


About Jennie Yang and Heidi Collins

Jennie Yang is a strategic and operational consulting leader with over 11 years of experience designing business strategies and driving organizational transformations for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and scale-ups. Currently, she is Director of Talent Transformation at 15Five and is also a leadership coach and facilitator who helps unlock the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Heidi Collins is VP of People Operations at 15Five. Her mission is to create more human-centric workplaces with an ecosystem that celebrates diverse perspectives and backgrounds, provides high levels of vulnerability, empathy, trust and personal responsibility, clarity of expectations and purpose, holistic structure and tools, and self-reflective leaders who embrace accountability.


A New Approach to Encouraging Excellent Performance

Today, we get into how 15Five is changing the way organizations approach performance management. This means putting people and performance management front and center. The chief ingredients of this can be boiled down to clear core values, an accountability structure, motivational systems, and continuing training and education. When this is thoughtfully done to build on previous building blocks, high engagement and performance will naturally follow.

Since work is where we spend most of our time, it’s crucial that it becomes a joyous place. It should be a time that energizes us, not leaves us feeling drained. By helping your people discover and harness their unique potential, joy will naturally follow. This should be the ultimate goal of people management.


Putting It All Into Place

Even as a performance management company, it has been hard creating and implementing the standards of excellence for ourselves that we strive for. We have come to understand that there will be daily struggles and setbacks. However, all that can lead to greater achievements in the end. The company can make this happen by being there to give supportive feedback and encouragement without judgment. That’s why an integral part of what we do at 15Five is to train managers to deliver truth with kindness.

Developing competencies that align with your organization’s mission will not only aid the company but its people too. Competencies can involve many things, from values to interpersonal relationships. Actually measuring these competencies and fostering their development is a large part of what we do.



“A lot of us spend more time in our work environment, with our colleagues,  working on projects at work, for the benefit of our companies, than we do in our personal lives with our families. Why not make it great? Why not make that an amazing experience?” 

“We want to normalize the experience of love at work. Love should be part of work.” 

“If you are the type of person who truly owns your role - you are an owner of your results - you will make it happen, even if you have the worst manager in the world or a company that doesn’t provide support or structure. I believe that you can go create it for yourself. ”

“If you want high-performance and high-engagement in your organization, it’s a simple framework but it takes a lot of time, effort, and energy…. The ROI on that investment will surprise you. It will absolutely pay off.”


Key Takeaways:

Performance Management can be revolutionized by the adoption of

  1. Core values that are central to the company’s mission and operation
  2. An accountability structure that makes clear everyone’s role
  3. Systems to motivate your people to be highly-engaged
  4. Educational programs to help everyone develop new skills


Links & Resources

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The Conscious Leadership Group

Reality-Based Leadership


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