What Exactly Is Best-Self Management?
Best-Self Management · 34 minutes ·

What Exactly Is Best-Self Management?

If you’ve ever wondered how different your workplace experience would be if your day was full of positive emotional interactions, then you’re ready to hear about the philosophy that drives our company ethos.

Tune in today for an overview of our philosophy which we call “Best-Self Management.” We’re explaining the principles and notions that we believe point the way to a better way of working. leading, and developing our people so that we can thrive as companies, individuals, and ultimately as a society.

We’re David Hassell and Shane Metcalf, co-founders of 15Five, a leading continuous performance management software company with a strong focus on creating healthy and thriving workplaces.

On today’s episode, you’re going to hear us tell you why and how we came up with our philosophy of Best-Self Management and how it can make all the difference in any workplace. We delve into how the workplace has changed in recent years and why we need to change along with it.

We explain how our experience with promoting Best-Self Management in the workplace has been a true win-win for everyone in our company and how it contrasts with the historical norm. Really, our goal here is to show how we bring out the innate greatness in our people so that they can thrive, and in doing so, our company can too.

How can your work environment support your people in becoming their best selves? Reach out and let us know!


In this episode

  • What becomes possible if we focus on supporting our employees in becoming their best selves
  • The history of workplace culture and why our thinking about it needs to change
  • What it looks like when people show up every day as their best selves
  • Helping your people understand what they are truly capable of and harness that power
  • Five of the main themes of Best-Self Management; psychological safety, motivation, strengths, positivity, and growth



“Best-Self Management is a mindset. It’s a shift in thinking from one where we believe that to be successful in business we have to get as much as we can from our people to a shift towards a belief that says we’re going to be successful if we support our people in thriving.”[1:35]

“Now we’re in an environment where what matters is innovation and creativity and people being passionately engaged in service to the company. It’s not the output of an employee. It doesn’t come from how fast they can type on a keyboard or how many hours their butt is in the seat. It’s what they can create, the knowledge work, the innovation.” [4:35]

“How much better, more productive, happier and fulfilled would you be if you were able to go to work and actually have more positive emotional interactions than negative ones on a day-to-day basis?” [12:22]

“Why we work influences how we work. Why we do anything is going to determine how well we do that thing.” [25:44]



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