Welcome to our Between Two Mics community series, The Community Interviews. In this series, Zach and Rock are sharing SquadCaster interviews that they’ve recorded. They spoke with more than 15 podcasters over the past few months who record their shows on SquadCast.fm.

Zach and Rock spoke with scientists, doctors, lawyers, artists, business execs, mental health advocates, and everyone in between, about what it’s like to be a content creator.

In this week’s episode, our last of the series AND of the year, Zach shares his conversations with podcasters who tell stories of social issues and mental health. You’ll meet Phil, Jane, Keith, JJ, Kelly, Jayde, and Manny.

Why are we sharing The Community Interviews? We want to show off our amazing SquadCast community. We asked them about their lives, their passions, their podcasts, and more. And this series is to honor them! And to tell the world about what they’re up to.

Today’s episode features

Learn from Phil and Jane about using social media to grow a podcast. They share their tips for using Instagram and Tik Tok to convert followers to listeners. Meet Keith Casebonne, who runs a podcast for a non-profit that brings resources to the disability community. JJ and Kelly use their podcast to tell the stories of those affected by gun violence.  Next up is Manny Faces, who believes in hip hop as a way to save America! And Jayde Barber brings it home with a powerful lesson on taking one's mental health seriously.

Extras in today’s episode


  • This episode was written and edited by Arielle Nissenblatt, SquadCast’s community manager
  • This episode was mixed and mastered by Vince Moreno Jr., SquadCast’s head of support and audio
  • The music in this episode is from Shawn Valles, SquadCast’s support specialist
  • This episode is hosted by Rock Felder, SquadCast’s co-founder of CFO
  • Our logo and designs are by Alex Whedbee, SquadCast chief of design
  • Our transcript is by Ian Powell

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