Tom Walsh: The best stories from out of the circle
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Tom Walsh: The best stories from out of the circle

In this episode we talk about getting mistaken for Joe Moody, unusual encounters with old fans, his rivalry with Jacko Gill, the drama, confusion and emotion in Tokyo, what life’s like on the road with other giant men, the humiliating forfeits he plans with his coach, why his Gold Coast Gold was tinged with disappointment and so much more.

Show notes | Episode 62 | Tom Walsh |

1.38 Time away from shot put, Walshot, and an “A List” athlete

4.34 Putting drug testers to good use after an appearance on a Japanese game show

7.45 An older fan base in Ashburton

9.58 “Nice to meet you Joe Moody”

12.06 The enigma of Jacko Gill

21.01 The no-throws at Tokyo 2020

29.53 The emotion after the medal ceremony and pressure before Tokyo

41.18 An Emma Twigg interlude

43.29 Ryan Crouser and stories from the big boys of the shot put circuit

53.23 Teenage Tom Walsh: cricket, rugby (and athletics)

1.03.41 Is going full time with shot put financially sustainable?

1.07.00 The athlete / coach relationship with Dale Stevenson

1.09.26 Reflecting on the Commonwealth Games

1.14.47 Winning the world championships with a 7cm tear in the groin

1.21.46 The Halberg Awards and meeting the Black Caps

1.29.12 How good is Tom at supporting other athletes?

1.31.56 21 in 20 in Christchurch in the lead up to the Tokyo Olympics

1.33.05 Looking ahead to 2022 and last words from Steven, Seamus and Tom

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