American Freakshow! Inside America’s Racist Corporate And Educational Institutions
Reparations: The Big Payback · 35 minutes ·

American Freakshow! Inside America’s Racist Corporate And Educational Institutions

Oh say can you FreakShow! Erika and Whitney become minstrel characters, “Mista’ Tambo n’ Mista’ Interlocutor,” to present the perverse-circus-sideshow oddities of America’s institutional and corporate racism. Star experts join them to bear witness and unveil slavery‘s toxic legacy, woven within modern corporate policies and legislation. Professor Adam Rothman chronicles the sordid history behind one of America's finest educational institutions, Georgetown University. Voting rights activist Desmond Meade disrupts the panhandle circus with Florida Amendment Four to restore voting rights to 1.4 million people with felony convictions. Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee illustrates how the sad perversities of fighting for systemic injustice persists. And the MLK of tipped wage workers, Saru Jayaraman, nails the corrosive tradition of tipping to slavery and the ongoing fight for fair wages within America’s largest private sector workers. Finally, Erika croons a new Swanee tune that makes the White Superiority hit list! “Step back Beyoncé!”

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