The Ugly Truth? If Racism Is Too Big To Fail,  Reparations Can Never Succeed
Reparations: The Big Payback · 30 minutes ·

The Ugly Truth? If Racism Is Too Big To Fail, Reparations Can Never Succeed

It's groundhog day in America. As Erika and Whitney mourn the brutal death of Andrew Brown Jr, another unarmed Black man shot and killed by police, they ask themselves; Does America have the willpower to make reparations to the descendants of slaves? To find answers they travel across the ocean to Poland to hear the story of 77-year-old Mr. Waldemar Ogrodniczak. His Polish parents were forced laborers in WWII, taken from Poland to Germany to build the Third Reich and now as an adult, Waldemar continues his decades-long search for redress and reparations from the German government. Meanwhile, Erika grabs the comedy mic and serves up a spicy monologue to demonstrate the perils of the begrudged debtor who avoids being confronted by the aggrieved creditor. "Stop triggering me, man!" Finally, natural-born genius Killer Mike, helps them to face the ugly truth, that America's biggest business is the business of race, and that business may be too big to fail. 

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