Cut My Life in 2 Pisces, This is My Last Rebirth
BDE (Big Dyke Energy) · 65 minutes ·

Cut My Life in 2 Pisces, This is My Last Rebirth

Gather, gentle perverts, for another episode of BDE and another anniversary: a year since COVID19 forced all goddess's homosexuals apart and into their underwater caves. It began in Pisces season and to Pisces season it returns. In the hazy days of March, as we crawl about seeking vitamin D and good news, we mustn't forget our Pisces babes who work so hard to remind us how to have fun while never leaving the confines of one's imagination. In this playful yet persuasive episode, your hosts with the most (tears to shed, love to give) ponder the big questions: Are all Pisces doe-eyed dream babes in silks like Niecy Nash, or are some of them more likely to be found wearing RealTree t-shirts while boating with wild cats in a swamp? Does Rose have con-artist adjacent traits and what does being a Pisces rising have to do with it? 

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