Ep.105 || Combining Hip Hop & Running | San Diego Hip Hop 5K & Festival
2 Black Runners · 55 minutes ·

Ep.105 || Combining Hip Hop & Running | San Diego Hip Hop 5K & Festival

Aaron Potts talks to Dawud Hasan the race director for the San Diego Hip Hop 5K & Festival. Before Aaron went down to San Diego on October 23rd to win the race he sat down with Dawud to learn more about his race and him as a person. In this episode, Dawud Hasan explains his efforts to integrate the culture of hip hop into the running world with his Hip Hop Health & Wellness 5K & Festival. Plus more!!
Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/4QR2wY4fr5o
Learn more about the SD Hip Hop 5K & Festival here, https://www.sdhiphop5k.com/
0:00 Preview 
1:00 Intro 
3:34 How Dawud discovered 2BR 
5:00 How Aaron discovered Dawud and Hip Hop Wellness 5K 
10:21 Meaning of Dawud's name  
11:55 Growing up in Queens  
13:41 Learning about self-importance  
16:55 Dawud growing up around the Golden age of Hip Hop 
20:19 Dawud was always in the athletics 
21:08 Dawud's health journey 
22:18 Moving to San Diego  
24:22 What did you know about running before adding the 5K? 
25:23 Hip-Hop elements to the race 
26:15 Biggest road blocks putting races together? 
31:57 What is the vibe of the race 
32:59 Demystifying distance running  
37:53 Medicine 
39:07 Fusing Hip-Hop & running  
42:30 Dawud's favorite current Hip-Hop artists 
44:02 Dawud's top 5 MCs of all-time  
46:34 Dawud's team 
49:04 What concert/event would you time travel to? 
51:36 What mark do you want to leave on running? 
52:49 Podcast guests suggestions 
53:20 Outro
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