Episode 1: Kaitlyn Kooyers

Episode 1: Kaitlyn Kooyers

Kaitlyn Kooyers is a former professional dancer who after an unexpected end came to her career she had to take a step back and found herself in the real world. After a circuitous route, she wound up leading the Chicago chapter of November Project- a free fitness community- and has spent the last 10 years working in compliance in the business world. 

In our chat, we talk about leadership in its various forms, bagels, Knitting and living true to your values. I feel very fortunate to speak with Kaitlyn every time we have a chance. She is someone who I don’t know that well but whom I feel like the time we have spent talking has always been of great value. With that, I give you Kaitlyn Koyers.

You can find Kaitlyn
Instagram: @kakiedo
Strava: Kaitlyn Kooyers
Or in Chicago @novemberprojectchicago

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