127 | Navigating Healthy at Every Size (HAES) in Health & Wellness with Dr. Lisa Folden
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127 | Navigating Healthy at Every Size (HAES) in Health & Wellness with Dr. Lisa Folden

Stuck in a cycle to lose weight to try and fit into a norm? Have doctors been weight-shaming you? Body Positivity. It is a hot topic. But, what does it really encompass? Dr. Lisa Folden sets us off on her journey with diet culture that started as early as 12 years old! She speaks about when her perspectives started shifting and how we can change the narrative behind diet labels in the next generation. She describes how you can determine what “healthy” is and how healthcare providers or coaches can preach health at every size while talking about sensitive topics (e.g optimal diet, movement...). Moreover, Dr. Lisa takes a deep dive into her best tips to finding food freedom and setting up an environment that respects your child’s intuitive eating. She also, explains how you can refocus your health goals, the stigmas she still faces, how you can actually get to body positivity. A larger body doesn’t equate to being unhealthy. It’s the behaviors, lifestyle, awareness, and intention that matter. Learn how to optimize your health at any size with Dr. Lisa Folden!

What You Will Learn In This Interview with Dr. Lisa

2:59 – Lisa’s story & diet culture

5:36 – When did Lisa’s perspective on diet culture shift?

7:31 – Changing the diet label for the next generation

10:43 – How do you determine what healthy is?

12:58 – Sensitive topics & still preaching for health at every size.

16:37  – Steps to getting to food freedom

23:36  – Guiding children to be more intuitive

25:36  – Reframing labels & modelling behavior as parents

28:43  – Re-focusing your goals

32:07  – Has Lisa faced stigmas?

36:55 – How do you get to body positivity?

41:33  – Learn more with Dr. Lisa

About Dr. Lisa:

Dr. Lisa N. Folden is a licensed physical therapist, mom-focused health coach and the owner of Healthy Phit Physical Therapy & Wellness Consultants in Charlotte, NC.

As a body positive, women’s health expert and health at every size (HAES) ambassador, Dr. Folden assists women seeking a healthier lifestyle by guiding their wellness choices through organization, planning strategies and holistic goal setting. Additionally, Dr. Lisa has recently concentrated her efforts to further advance the field of physical therapy by examining the influence of weight stigma and bias in healthcare and PT.

Items mentioned in this episode:

Dr. Lisa's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/healthyphit/

Dr. Lisa's Website: https://www.healthyphit.com/

To learn more about Dr. Lisa and view full show notes, please visit the full website here: https://www.docjenfit.com/podcast/episode127/

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