Drink More, Lose Weight and Be Unstoppable – Improve Your Body, and Pump Up Your Brain Power!
Victoria's Body Shoppe · 37 minutes ·

Drink More, Lose Weight and Be Unstoppable – Improve Your Body, and Pump Up Your Brain Power!

This global radio show will give you the motivation, inspiration and nutritional information you have been looking for to help you stop unhealthy habits, beat addictions, control destructive binges and deal with a lack of self belief. Victoria is going to rock you with some awesome tools to set you free starting today! Water For Life If you are not drinking enough water, your body can become deficiently hydrated, known as dehydration, and can manifest in a variety of ways that wreak havoc on your health and your beautiful body. Destructive Dehydration Ongoing dehydration may cause actual disease as the body struggles to maintain itself without sufficient fluid intake. Dehydration can also lead to stored excess body fat, cellulite formation, flabby muscles, poor muscle tone, muscle loss, decreased digestion and organ function, bloating, PMS and water retention. Now that should be enough right there to make you run in the bathroom and jump in the shower and stand under the spout for five minutes! Not drinking enough water can also lead to increased toxicity, joint and muscle soreness, slow recovery time after exercise, injury or surgery. Water works to keep muscles and skin tight and youthful (hallelujah). If you are not losing weight as fast as you would like to and want a quick start to losing weight, Improving your brain power and healing your body, drink up!

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