Holiday Self-Care Part 4 (JSELFCAR.ORG)
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Holiday Self-Care Part 4 (JSELFCAR.ORG)

By now we are in full swing of Hanukkah and Christmas is right around the corner not to mention Kwanza and New year’s. Generally speaking, when we all use to think of the holidays we thought of happiness, family, fun and cheer. Now in 2020 we are thinking of so many people who lost their jobs, love ones and this pandemic and not to forget about this election. Expectations can feel high this time of year, and we are being pulled in every direction possible, for many of us  we don’t feel all the “right feeling” Air quotes we are supposed to feel during the holidays we think there is something wrong with us.  I’m here to tell you that is just not true.  While wonderfully festive and fun, the holidays can bring up so many feelings that aren’t incredible pleasant for so many of us this year. Loneliness, disappointment, sadness, and even anger can rise during this time. Self-care is important and necessary. Especially during the holidays. I hope these holiday self-care tips are helpful for you and your loves ones.

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