Rebuild Cities, and Gamer Tags ft. Joel Espenshade
Bottom of the Smash Mountain · 57 minutes ·

Rebuild Cities, and Gamer Tags ft. Joel Espenshade

— Episode Notes —

Joel Espenshade, my best friend, AKA “in R1v3ra we trust”, joins the show! His Twitter is

We recorded this interview on 1/12/21 so some of the info that we talked about may have changed slightly since then.

— About the pod —

Welcome to Bottom of the Smash Mountain Podcast. I am your host, Jesse Wall, and my pronouns are he/him. I have a wife, Jen, and two children Ellie and Ezra. I love God, my family, my fellow humans, Super Smash Brothers, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

My tag is cyfer003 but if you look that up you will only find my socials and no actual tournament results. I like to think that I’m good at Smash but I actually suck, and so in the grand scheme of things I am at the bottom of the smash mountain looking up.

Aside from Smash related things, we also get into other topics. If you like what you hear (you are a brave soul btw, forcing your way through not-great audio), please share with people you like sharing stuff with. Those relationships are weird aren’t they? ;)

This is a family-friendly podcast, but if there are swears I will let y’all know in the episode notes. Don’t get your hopes up for time-stamps, because this is a bit of a lazy podcast as well. Despite that, I try my best to give credit where credit is due in regards to sources and such. I also make a concerted effort to avoid ripping other people’s content, but if anyone feels that I did that kind of stuff, my DM’s are open on Twitter; we can get it figured out.

Did I say something that offended you? Usually I am trying not to be offensive to anyone, but my attempts at humor might result in that. Either that or I’m being dumb. Either way, feel free to reach out and educate me so that you and I can level up :)

Jesse’s Twitter:

— Credits —

Podcast Image and “logo”: The picture was taken by Jesse Wall and I used to throw the words and a scuffed reflector onto it, which I guess belongs to Nintendo but you could make the argument that what I did was pretty transformative.

Intro: Original audio by Jesse Wall

Outro: Original audio by Jesse Wall, Ellie Wall, and Jennifer Wall

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Any music used thus far comes from the Anchor app as well.

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