124. How Construction And Real Estate Go Hand In Hand
The Real Build · 21 minutes ·

124. How Construction And Real Estate Go Hand In Hand

In this episode of The Real Build, I answer a question from a show listener named Bashir. Bashir is an architect and builder from Nigeria. Bashir asked, "I have been trying to go into Luxury real estate In Nigeria for some time, but no headway. what am I not doing right?"

I have been asked a similar question of how I combine both real estate and construction. This episode covers how I built my real estate business while working full-time in construction and utilized my construction background to sell more luxury real estate.

Construction and real estate go hand in hand. If you build a home, you are building it on a piece of real estate. That finished home becomes a piece of real estate. Why wouldn't you want to add a real estate license to your resume as a builder? This opens up many new doors for you, and I explain how.

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