With the advent of streaming services, the rise of creative and gig economies, and a lower barrier to entry to release content, tracking credit and getting paid fairly for creative work is really difficult. 

Jammber is a fast-growing financial tech company in the music space, on a mission to become the way that creatives around the world get paid, faster and more simply. 

Marcus Cobb is Jammber’s founder and CEO, and brings his formative experience as a developer to create products that are industry leaders in excellent design.

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1:00 — Jammber 101 and Marcus’s story: how does a developer turned CEO think differently than other CEOs? Marcus also talks about the best teams he’s ever been a part of, and good advice from questionable sources. 

12:15 — Jammber’s origin story: Where passion met market demand, and how to make zeros and ones into something beautiful that serves people. Also, how much complexity goes into creating a simple, clean user experience?

19:25 — What to do when it’s hard to know what to do with your product. Or your whole company. Or life, for that matter. 

28:24 — Why Marcus is on his path to becoming tech billionaire… And wants it more than the average person.  

35:06 — Jammber’s moonshot vision, and what happens next. 

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