The Trombone
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The Trombone

We’ve explored many instruments on the podcast (see links to those episodes below), and today, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of the trombone! This instrument requires great skill and precision to play and is a staple for many different musical genres. In this episode, you’ll hear a smattering of some of the ways a trombone can be used as you learn about the construction and history of this versatile instrument. Be sure to check out my curated playlist to see and hear some fabulous trombonists work their magic!


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Musical Samples You’ll Hear in this Episode:

Rimsky Korsakov Trombone Concerto Movement 1: Allegro Vivace

Schwob Trombone Ensemble – Apogee Fanfare (Chris Sharpe)

Beethoven 5th Symphony, Mov IV (Trombones & Trumpets)

J. J. Johnson – Like Someone In Love

Music Listening Schedule for Episode 71

I’ve created a YouTube playlist for you with the music discussed in today’s episode along with some other arrangements of the pieces you’ve heard. Click here to listen to it.

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