Episode 39: Braving Mental Health In Small Business - With Sharon Chisholm
Busy Business Women · 64 minutes ·

Episode 39: Braving Mental Health In Small Business - With Sharon Chisholm

Mental health is a topic that's come up time and time again on this podcast, and I'm really thankful that women in business are speaking more openly now about their own struggles with mental wellbeing as we pave the way to reduce the stigma associated with mental health challenges.

One lady that is doing this brilliantly is Sharon Chisholm - a Mind Health Coach - who passionately supports the very small end of town and fully appreciates the importance that strength and resilience play in being a successful small business owner.

Sharon's an award-winning coach, mental health advocate, counsellor, writer and speaker, and is very open about her own journey and struggles with mind health and mental illness - including being diagnosed with bipolar, and recently featuring on the SBS show 'How Mad Are You?'.

It's these experiences that have given her a strong desire to work with others facing similar issues in small business, and in this podcast she shares with us the high's and low's of being her own boss and the challenges so many of us face as we pursue our entrepreneurial goals.

Sharon's refreshingly down to earth, wonderfully open, generous with her time and expertise, and bloody funny to boot... so prepare yourself for a lot of laughing - we had a ball recording this episode!

Here's What You'll Learn In This Episode:

- Why you don't 'overcome' business or mental health challenges - and that's OK!

- The importance of focusing on the things that really matter in your business from the very beginning

- Sharon's business journey living with Bipolar Disorder and why she'll never recover

- Why it's important to work with people who have lived experience and fully understand what you're going through

- How to deal with imposter syndrome

- How getting to grips with your values can help speed up your business success

Check out the show notes and transcript here: busybusinesswomen.biz/podcast39



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