Making Money & Managing Mental Health - with Natasha Stewart from Business Jump
Busy Business Women · 57 minutes ·

Making Money & Managing Mental Health - with Natasha Stewart from Business Jump

Natasha Stewart is the strategic powerhouse and mother of four at the helm of the hugely successful 'Business Jump' as well as the booming Facebook Community, Remarkable Business Mums.

Nat regularly bares all with her community, sharing stories of not just her learnings in business but the real and raw events that have shaped who she is today, such as an unlawful firing, postnatal depression, two miscarriages, and a twin pregnancy. And weaves within it how she mindfully fell down and put herself back together throughout it all.

So in this episode we dive deep into how Nat managed to build a $1Million business in just 18 months, and after 16 years in business juggles kids, a thriving community, and mental health challenges.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How Natasha reached $1Million in 18 months in her business
  • Why business is as much a personal development journey as it is a business journey
  • Why it's important to work within your strengths if you want to grow your business
  • How playing small in business is one of the biggest mistakes you can make
  • Why Natasha is so open about her mental health challenges

Buckle up ‘cause this is a goodie!

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