Ep228 – Challenger Banks: The Battle Begins
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Ep228 – Challenger Banks: The Battle Begins

In this episode

We’ve brought together some of our favourite folks from the world of FinTech challenger banks. In this episode, we talk to Starling, Fidor, and Loot about their business models, who their customers are, and how they’re using technology and data to provide a great customer experience. We also discuss the challenges they’re facing, what agile really means, and what’s coming up for them in 2017. Enjoy the show!

Our guests

Megan Caywood, the Chief Platform Officer at Starling Bank
Sophie Guibaud, the Vice President of European Expansion at Fidor
Ollie Purdue, Founder and CEO at Loot

“We like to spend a lot of time talking with our customers,” Megan says, “not just usability sessions, but chatting with them and understanding how they’re currently using their banking products and where those pain points are. What we hear time and again is that what they’re used to expecting –  seamlessness and ease of use from other apps and products – just isn’t what they see from their bank.”

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