Episode 088 - Sam and Tara Carpenter & Top 10 Films of 2022
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 97 minutes ·

Episode 088 - Sam and Tara Carpenter & Top 10 Films of 2022

Just as there was exclusive coverage of Sidney, Gale, and Dewey in each film, SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers now has an episode dedicated to our new heroines: Sam and Tara Carpenter in their first outing, “Scream” (2022). Join Ryan and SwRCS Patreon and Trivia Man, Thomas Neary, for a deep dive into the character arcs of Sam and Tara, as well as a discussion for their arc as sisters and family amends. In addition, Ryan and Thomas will look ahead to “Scream 6” and predict what the sixth film will make of these characters.  In addition, Ryan opens the episode with his top ten films of 2022, a reading of his essay that will be published on NextBestPicture.com.


  • Ryan’s Top 10 Films of 2022 Essay
  • Guest Questions
  • Overall Carpenter Impression (Sam, Tara, Sister Relationship)
  • Tara’s Opening
  • Sam’s Arc: Bowling Alley, Hospital, First Attack, Relationship
  • Sam as a Suspect
  • Sam with Gale and Sidney
  • The Finale
  • Sam Butchers Richie
  • The Future of Carpenters
  • Speed Round

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