You can be described in a number of different ways, but what should you identify with first and foremost? Our world tells us how we should identify ourselves; however, the Bible and Christ tell us a different way. Discover the problems with identifying with this world, and see what you should identify with most in the second part of this series: "Who Are You?"

C.L. mentioned the book, "Who Am I?" by Pastor Phil Huebner. You can learn more about this book on Amazon:

C.L. also talked about Pastor Mike Novotny's book, "Gay & God." You can order that book at

About "The Nonmicrowaved Truth":
How fast do you have to have "IT"? Our culture tells us to find a microwave to speed up the process. C.L. Whiteside, a man who sees and hears multiple perspectives through his life of coaching sports, serving in education, and attempting to conform to Christ, searches for the nonmicrowaved truth. C.L. gets that what’s cool and acceptable now, may not be cool and acceptable tomorrow—and most importantly, may not be what’s best.

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"The Nonmicrowaved Truth" is a Time of Grace production.

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