The Female Narcissist Is Just As Dangerous As Her Male Counterpart
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The Female Narcissist Is Just As Dangerous As Her Male Counterpart

Female malignant narcissists are especially dangerous because they can fly under the radar more easily.

The 4 traits discussed: Intro (0:00-05:50) 

1. A sadistic sense of pleasure at someone else’s pain (05:50 - 09:08) and relational aggression towards other females (10:01 - 17:17) 2. An insatiable sense of competitiveness, due to pathological envy and the need to be the center of attention. (09:08 - 17:17) 3. An obsession with her appearance as well as a high level of materialism and superficiality; this could also translate into a haughty sense of intellectual superiority if the narcissist in question is more cerebral than somatic. (17:17 - 22:01)  4. A blatant disregard for the boundaries of intimate relationships, including her own. (22:01 - 24:00) Closing comments: Tips on how to deal with narcissists, how to heal and how to rise above. (24:00 - 35:48)

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