I wish I could describe the trip I just took. I really can’t, but I am going to do my best. 

All I can say is Melissa 2.0 is here. What does that mean? That means, I have done a lot of envisioning of the person I want to become and unbecome. I have let go of many things. I have gained many things. I have gained my self confidence back. I have gained my self worth. I looked in the mirror and loved who I saw. One day this new Melissa was just here. She got here by choice. She chose to be happy. She chose not to worry. She chose not to be stressed. She chose what was important. She chose what she had control over. She had a choice and she chose her higher self. I beg you, if you struggle with self love and self worth, go on a journey to love yourself. And this is what you will get.

In this episode I share exactly what I did on this trip to show up as my true self so that you can hopefully get some tips and tools to do the same!
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