Podcast episode 018: Hard thoughts about pain and suffering
Centre for Christian Living podcast · 38 minutes ·

Podcast episode 018: Hard thoughts about pain and suffering

Most of us can cope with pain and suffering for a short while. But what happens when you wake up each morning not wondering whether it might be better today, but knowing in your heart that it won’t be?

How can we deal with that kind of chronic pain and suffering without becoming bitter with God and with those around us? And how can we minister to those who endure this kind of long-term pain?

That’s the subject of this episode of the CCL podcast, with American theologian and author Kelly Kapic. Kelly knows about this kind of suffering firsthand, and has written an award-winning book on the subject called "Embodied Hope: Theological meditations on pain and suffering". Kelly brings biblically rich reflections and honest practical wisdom to the conversation. You won’t want to miss this one.

Find show notes and transcript at https://ccl.moore.edu.au/2018/08/01/podcast-episode-018/

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