Podcast episode 020: “Is God Anti-Gay?” with Sam Allberry
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Podcast episode 020: “Is God Anti-Gay?” with Sam Allberry

When Sam Allberry wrote his best-selling little book “Is God Anti-Gay?” back in 2013, it was one of the few good books available on the subject.

Five years down the track, it remains an excellent short primer to the main questions that both Christians and non-Christians have about God and homosexuality. In this episode, we talk with Sam about the main message of his book, about the way that the landscape has continued to evolve over the past five years, and about the challenge of presenting the message of the Bible about homosexuality not only as true, but as good.

The strength of Sam’s book (and this conversation) is that he approaches the whole subject from the starting point of the gospel:

“The message of Jesus on sex has been countercultural and challenging to every single culture. And is challenging to every single person. So it is not the case that Jesus comes up and says, ‘To all heterosexual people, you know, well done, good job, keep it up! As you were.’ You know. ‘Bless you.’ And then he says to everybody else, ‘Oh dearie me, we’ve got a problem.’ Jesus says to all of us, we have a huge problem.”

For show notes and transcript, visit https://ccl.moore.edu.au/2018/10/04/podcast-episode-020/

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