Bexy Cameron
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Bexy Cameron

When you discover that your entire world is based upon a lie, how do you begin to pick up the pieces and move ahead? Bexy Cameron spent the first part of her life convinced that the apocalypse was coming, and that she'd be dead by the age of 15. That's because she was brought up, alongside her 11 siblings, in a cult called the Children of God. No school, no TV, no contact with the outside world; all she knew was what the cult's mysterious and dangerous leader told them. The details of what Bexy went through, during the first part of her life, are harrowing to hear about – but they are not the end of her story. Bexy has lived a brilliant life since leaving the Children of God as a teenager, and she has now written about her experiences, as well as the unbelievable journey she went on to make sense of it all, in a memoir called Cult Following. In this conversation, she recounts some of the unbelievable things that she's been through, and offers rare perspective on the most earth-shattering changes imaginable.

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