When your entire life has been about working towards one goal, what happens when you've reached it? For Nick Grimshaw – that goal was becoming a presenter on BBC Radio 1, and specifically, hosting its famous breakfast show. It's a dream that came true for him in 2012. But now, like Annie, he has decided to leave Radio 1, and set off in pursuit of a new adventure – the specifics of which remain pleasantly undecided in his mind. For both Annie and her old pal, Grimmy, it's been a year of big changes. So, this conversation is an opportunity to catch up and connect over the shared experience of it all – the nerves, the thrills, the weirdness – as well as reminisce about the days in which they knocked around the BBC together. It's a chance for two old friends to sit round the kitchen table and put the world to rights.

Transition – Galaxy 2 Galaxy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkZ_vKWF8e8&ab_channel=Scubadevils

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