125. [Repeat] What if The Universe had an Impeccable Sense of Timing?
The Choice, Change & Action Podcast · 45 minutes ·

125. [Repeat] What if The Universe had an Impeccable Sense of Timing?

Are you unhappy with your life but you keep it the same because there is comfort in what is familiar? Do you believe that if you change things your life might get worse?

The world is doing whatever it's doing. What are you going to choose as your life? Are you going to play safe or have a life that has adventure and exploring to it?

It's your choice to choose something greater. No one can make it for you.

In this episode, Simone Milasas talks with Dr. Dain Heer, the Cocreator of Access Consciousness, about things that you can choose to change your life around, particulalry if you are experiencing anxiety, depression or have suicidal thoughts.

What would it take for your life to get better and greater today?

Keys to success

  • Dain Wasn’t Always Happy
  • The Access Bars and Receiving
  • Start With Something Small
  • Stop Valuing The Significance Of Your Suffering
  • Magic Is Not Logical
  • What If The Difference You Be Is A Strongness?
  • It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint

Daily Questions:

  • "What's right about this I'm not getting?"
  • "What's right about me I'm not getting?"
  • "What awareness did I gain from this choice?"

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