What are you avoiding choosing based on money? When you have a generosity of spirit with yourself and others, amazing things can show up, and money has nothing to do with it!

What have you decided is so impossible with money?  There are possibilities available for everyone. What if money was actually easy?

This episode is an excerpt from a recent class that Simone Milasas facilitated, What’s Money Got To Do With It? Join her as she unravels some points of view that might be sticking you about money and wealth creation, that you may not even know you have.

What else can you be, do, have, create and generate with money; beyond your family, culture and/or religion? You need to choose for you. That is what is going to create the greatest life for you; you choosing for you.

Keys to success

  • Are You Fighting For You Or Choosing For You?
  • The Black Sheep of The Family
  • Start Asking To Receive More
  • Generosity of Spirit
  • What Points of View About Money Are You Functioning From That You Don’t Even Know?
  • Family
  • What If Money Was Actually Easy?
  • Creating Possibilities Beyond What You Can Imagine

Daily Questions

  • "What adventure can I have with money?" 
  • "How much fun can I have with money today?" 
  • "What joy can I be that would allow ridiculous and copious amounts of money show up in my life with ease, joy and glory?"
  • “What else can you do, be, have, create and generate with money?”

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